Risk for Reward

Risk for Reward wood design

This photograph was taken at the “The Old North Church Memorial Garden” in the North End of Boston.  It is the church’s tribute to our troops who have recently sacrificed their lives for our freedoms in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The tribute uses nameless dog tags representing the fallen heroes.

After taking this photograph, I carved this piece out of a small slab of purpleheart wood, a species of wood found in Central and South America.  The dog tags were slightly highlighted with tung oil prior to the project receiving a top coat of exterior varnish in order to help preserve the wood’s color and minimize fading.  You will also notice that I used a second photograph (rock face) for the base of the project and added a line of inlay between the base and the body of the carving.  Click on images for larger view.

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DogTagsRisk For Rewardrocks2dogtags final2