“Festivities” Wood Design

This project was inspired by a photograph taken in Italy of a window and balcony.  The flag marks the start of the villages’ annual festivities.  This is carved in maple and painted with no top coat added.  The depth of the carving is approximately 1/2″.  The shutters are angled out as they are in the photograph and the black railings are only painted on the top edges leaving more of an impression of depth behind the railings.  We purposefully changed the hue from the photograph on a artistic basis.

Click on images for larger view.  Size:  9.87″ x 12.25″ x 1″

CUSTOM DESIGNS AND SIZES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.  Email Angelo at info@angelowooddesign.com

SD window 4x6SD final copySD angle1 copy SD close up copy   SD1 copySD shutters copy