Angelo Garofalo, Owner & Designer

Using my many years of experience in woodworking and photography I have created a marriage of these two mediums into a distinctive expression. My wood designs harmoniously blends 21st century practices of photography, graphic design, CNC machining as well as traditional woodworking methods. On this website you will see some of the projects I have completed using these combined skills. The custom projects were achieved through personalized attention to, and mutually successful collaboration with my clients in order to produce an artwork that will leave a lasting impression.


Bonney McFarland Newton, Acrylic Artist

From private lessons at an early age, I have enjoyed painting landscapes, florals and portraits.  In the past I have been commissioned to paint murals for public schools and private homes.  My artwork has been printed in several publications including Kaleidoscope Magazine.  Aside from Angelo Wood Design, I have also collaborated on furniture designs with local businesses.  Some of my favorite pieces include New England lighthouses and covered bridges painted on slate.  For several years it has been such a pleasure to paint on carved wood for Angelo Wood Design.  I love collaborating with him on projects that come to life!